In the past we’ve had some excellent talks given, and various build projects constructed – whether as a club, or members own pursuits who may not have completed their build without tooling, and the wealth of knowledge from other members available to help.

There are a few links to download slides from talks given available as a Powerpoint Presentation.
Huge thanks to those concerned for sharing their slides.

Finningley ųWave Round Table Slides:

Matching PA devices – Bernie G4HJW – 2019

Surface Mount Devices Soldering Basics – Kevin G3AAF – 2017

Getting QRV on 10GHz EME – Doug G4DZU – 2017

Network Analysers – Bryan G8DKK – 2017

ADF4350/1 PLL Slides – Gordon G0EWN – 2016

Club Projects

2.3GHz 13cms Source & Analyser (click for PDF)

Finningley Nanowave Transceiver

Finningley SDR

Is anyone in need of the circuit diagram for the Farnell 830/10 PSU/Power Supply?

Kevin G3AAF brought one back to life recently and shared the manual with us as it is hard to find.

The manual also covers the B30/2, B30/5, B30/10, and B30/20 models.

Manual here >