Propagation Beacons are a vital resource to us, we use them to study the propagation of radio signals, from HF through to microwaves. Beacons are also used as signal sources to test and calibrate antennas, and receivers. Beacons are often run by groups/clubs, or by individual Amateurs. They’re usually transmitting 24/7, and are a great indication if a particular band is usable in that direction. For a list of beacons on VHF> take a look at the website.

We host 3 beacons now at FARS.

2 x GB3FNY, 432MHz & 10GHz
1 x GB3KEU 5.7GHz

Work in progress is the GB3FNY 24GHz beacon, we’re hoping to get it on a tower soon!

GB3KEU was re-located to FARS and in August 2017, follow this link for the History behind GB3KEU.

If you hear any of our beacons on the air, we’d like to know so please spot it over the dx cluster network, and/or fill out the form.

  • QRG
  • 432.445MHz
  • 5760.925MHz
  • 10368.752MHz
  • GB3FNY
  • GB3KEU
  • GB3FNY
  • INFO
  • Big Wheel, ERP 40W
  • Slot, ERP 25W
  • Slot, ERP 10W

Beacon Report

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