We currently run 2 Propagation Beacons at FARS.
432MHz, 70cms and 10GHz, 3cms.

We are working at getting the old GB3MAN 24GHz Beacon relocated to FARS, all the paper work has been submitted, and the beacon hardware been attended to, we hope it’ll be on the air again ASAP.

If you hear any of our beacons on the air, we’d like to know so please spot it over the dx cluster network.

See previous spots  via DXCluster here > http://www.dxsummit.fi/#/?dx_calls=GB3FNY

If you have any recordings of GB3FNY we would like to see/hear them.

Like this one from Denis G3UVR – the GB3FNY 10GHz beacon, via rain scatter.
IO83kh<>IO93nn = 152kms (94.4mi)