Finningley Roundtable Programme July  8th & 9th  July 17

 (Talks & timings are approx. & may change.)

Site Open from Friday lunch time ~1:00pm for Camping / Caravans to Monday midday..

Registration / Refreshments name badges please see Stuart Boast G3WDL on arrival Tea or coffee & Biscuits charge £10.00 per day includes buffet lunch including unlimited tea & coffee all day! (Note all proceeds go towards the upkeep of the site radio society) please register @  

Construction award entry’s for the UK Microwave group trophy

Please bring along your construction projects however small or large for entry into the UK microwave group competition a table in the main workshop for entries please include as much documentation and name & callsign.

Finningley Round Table Agenda  8 & 9th  July

Saturday 8th July Registration from 09:00

Demonstrations across the grounds key teams / all to participate as required Stuart Wisher G8CYW, Richard G0RPH, Rob M0DTS & Barry G8AGN,

Wide Band 10 GHz Demonstrations.

Nanowave Demonstrations

134Ghz Demonstrations Rob M0DTS  & Barry G8AGN

Lunch 12:30

An informal talk and Q&A will take place in the lecture room at 14:00 by Bernie G4HJW followed up by a presentation & practical demo of SMD techniques Kevin G3AAF with a hands on practice session.

Just for clarity the Finningly Nanowave MkII PCBs are not yet available so no SMD build can take place at the weekend …However the BATC CAT 17 event will be held at FARS on the September 9th 10th and a Nanowave MK II build session is planned.

Peter Day G3PHO trader table in Building II Saturday only.

Test lab Manager Martyn Gawthorpe G8FEK Saturday & Sunday bring along your LNA’s Filters, Transverters, home brew test kit for testing & verification.

A of Sample Test Kit Available

Noise Figure Measurement to 12Ghz

HP8970 HP 346A RFD 2305 Noise sources

Racal Dana frequency counter with Rubidium standard >23cm

Marconi 2024 signal generators

HP 8920B Test set

R&S power meter 200Mhz -4Ghz

High power loads & Attenuators

UK Microwave Chip bank an ever expanding selection of SMD components for all those construction projects and a completely free service to UK uWave group members available Saturday & Sunday pls see Mike Scott G3LYP for assistance ….& thanks to Mike G3LYP for this great service ukmicrowave group membership a great service for only £6.00 PA

(Please contact Mike G3LYP for assistance) Chipbank will be located in Building II

RFDesign / G3AAF electronics products “Magic Flux” trader Noise

Sources very Low noise amplifiers etc.

Test kit sale’s Spectrum Analysers & communication test sets, Connectors, Microwave cables etc.

18:30 Pre-dinner drinks Reindeer inn for 19:00.

Sunday 9th open from 9:00am

Antenna range on Sunday 9th from ~11:00am pls bring along your Horns, Dishes, Yagis etc for testing from 23cm to 24G pls see David Wrigley G6GXK & Tom Jones G4TWJ Results to be posted on the reflector & scatterpoint.

Sunday Talks

11.30 Doug G4DZU “A migration to 10G EME”

12:15-13:45  Lunch

14:00 Bryan Harber G8DKK : “Network Analysers”

14:45 Sam Jewel G4DDK  “Modern VHF transverter considerations”

Tea & coffee break

16:00 wrap up & close.

Have great weekend 73’s & look forward to seeing you…

Kevin G3AAF